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In the book Why Loyalty Matters, authors Timothy Keiningham and Lerzan Aksoy use the Ipsos Loyalty study to analyze the business, psychological and social aspects of loyalty.
In the book The Experience-Centric Organization: How to Win Through Customer Experience, author Simon Clatworthy provides an in-depth guide of the organizational evolution of experience-centric business models.
In CRM at the Speed of Light, the author seeks to address all the changes that have occurred since the previous edition as a result of technology and social media.
This book provides a good follow-up to The Ultimate Question (Reichheld, 2006) for better understanding how to apply the NPS (Net Promoter Score) discipline in practice.
This is a comprehensive book on customer experience, combining a theoretical explanation with extensive information on methodology and tools for implementing a customer experience focus across the company.
Author John DiJulius highlights the importance of relationship building. DiJulius is considered a premier authority on world-class Customer service and is the author of three books on Customer experience.
Edited by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, this is a textbook-style volume on customer relationship management, collating materials and chapters from leading authorities in the field.
The book advocates that creating an intentional, consistent, differentiated and valuable customer experience that is synonymous with your brand is increasingly recognized as a vital driver of corporate performance.
In this third edition, the author sets out to give a comprehensive model for development and use of customer satisfaction questionnaires. This edition contains additional information about customer loyalty measurement.
The authors propose a five-stage process that links a company’s marketing, sales, product development and customer service departments to deliver top-quality products and a system for customer measurement and management.
The authors provide a comprehensive overview of the customer experience, drawing on previous relevant works and providing a detailed and well-written guidebook for business practitioners interested in the subject.
In this updated edition, the author builds on the concepts of his 2006 book in more detail and provides more examples of how companies implemented the system.
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    Scott Gould uses his diverse expertise and life experience to define engagement providing a framework within the book which describes this process, with both tactical and strategic utility.
    To Steve Yastrow, author of We: The Ideal Customer Relationship, the close, personalized relationship between business and individual, usually reserved for VIPs, is something that should occur with every encounter.
    This book is about customer experience and how to implement it, stressing that customer experience is sustained not just by customer-facing elements but by the entire organization behind the scenes.
    Reicheld builds on the Six Principles of Loyalty: play to win/win; be picky; keep it simple; reward the right results; listen hard, talk straight; and preach what you practice.
    An anthology of Harvard Business Review articles. The authors of the 9 articles provide a collection of best practices for making your customers loyal, translating this into profitability.
    Jeff Toister is a customer experience author, consultant, and trainer. His book provides a unique guide of useful tips which emphasize customer service skills that also trickle into relationship building.