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A boutique multinational consultancy that helps clients create unique and memorable customer experiences that lead to sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships.
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The global shift towards digital innovation and technology has prompted Kazakh banks to migrate online, forcing them to focus on customer experience to secure a strong position in the market.
On May 28, Ksenia Konstantinova, Senteo's Director for Central Asia and the Middle East, spoke at an international conference at the Management Development Institute on Singapore in Tashkent (MDIS Tashkent).
The main results, excerpts and conclusions in the presentation format on the results of the three-year research of the Customer Experience Index (CEI) in the banking sector of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries conducted by Senteo in collaboration with the Marketing Association of Uzbekistan.
What We Do?

With over 25 years of business transformation experience, we have various tools and tactical approaches that allow us to create value for clients quickly.

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We create local and global market benchmarks, that enable companies to compare themselves with competitors and understand the quality of customer contacts, customer experiences, and customer relationships based on global best practices.

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In 2010, we launched the first educational courses in corporate learning format. Today, the educational offering has grown to 34 course titles in various learning formats and over 46,000 graduates from 21 countries.

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Senteo History

A banking conference in the fall of 2005, in Barcelona, Spain, spurred CEO Michael Ruckman to found Senteo Incorporated.

Finishing a transformational consulting engagement at AlfaBank in Russia, Michael realized that there was a distinct need to take the principles and theory explained in the book, “The Experience Economy” by B. Joseph Pine II, and apply them to the retail banking industry. After listening to the disparate pieces of information in the bankers’ presentations, Michael found that there was little understanding of how to design, build, measure, and manage a retail banking business to provide unique, engaging, and fulfilling customer experiences. As well, there was a lack of understanding of how to manage ongoing customer relationships in any way other than purely the contractual elements of product sales and servicing.


By Spring 2006, the ideas scrawled on a hotel notepad had taken shape and Senteo was officially in business with the first version of the Senteo methodology.

The company started out with a few employees and quickly grew to 30.


Before the financial crisis in 2008, Senteo employed 150 people in five countries. During the financial crisis, the company downsized but stayed afloat and committed to the concept that banks and customers can co-exist in mutually beneficial relationships.


In 2013, the Senteo partners agreed to invest in several start-up and existing business ventures as another venue to benefit from the Senteo methodology. They also dedicated a significant amount of time and investment to expand the Senteo Education business line. This expansion completed what the partners believe is a harmonious balance between consulting, education, and business ventures and allows for optimal team development and use of the Senteo methodology and experience.


Senteo regularly delivers courses on customer experience, relationship management, financial literacy, gamification, and innovation along with many other topics. CEO Michael Ruckman is a guest lecturer and has taught short-term courses at several Universities and Business Schools. He is also a frequent speaker as well as a keynote speaker at conferences organized by Bank Administration Institute, European Financial Management Association, Lafferty Global Events, International Council of Shopping Centers, Customer Experience Forum, CRM Solutions, Customer Day and others.

Senteo Management Team
Our team consists of unique, creative, and interesting people from different professional and cultural backgrounds. Known as the Experience Creators, the Senteo Team views the world in a different way and works everyday to make it better.
Expert Advisory Board
Our advisors are known gurus in their field of expertise. They assist in our overall strategy and methodology development, support us on projects, and mentor our team members to become experts as well as practitioners.
Careers at Senteo

Our team consists of unique, creative, and interesting people from different professional and cultural backgrounds. Senteo team members are open-minded, self-motivated people who never stop chasing new goals. They’re ready to take risks, assume responsibility, and are not afraid of change.

Senteo’s Guiding Principles – In everything we do, we strive to:

Have Fun
Have Fun
Be Unique
Be Unique
Be Excelent
Be Excelent
Make a Difference
Make a Difference
Work/Life BalanceWork/Life Balance
Senteo helps employees find the balance between their personal and professional lives by accommodating flexible work schedules, remote team collaboration, and an opportunity to synchronize personal and professional development goals.
Senteo is comprised of a multi-cultural team of professionals seeking the success and upward mobility that a small, dynamic company can provide. We work hard together, and together we celebrate our success. In addition to regular company learning events and celebrations, Senteo also holds an annual company summit so that people from all offices can establish relationships and share ideas. As a result of this team spirit, many Senteo team members have formed friendships that may last a lifetime.
Availble Vacancies


Consultant in management consulting
Grades Specialist 2 to Specialist 3

Senteo Incorporated is an international boutique consultancy specializing in Customer-Centric business transformation with our head office in the United States. We are passionate about our work and our efforts to help clients evolve their business models. If you are excited by the topics of customer experience, relationship management, and loyalty, please contact us to see if you are a good fit to be a part of our team.

This position requires specific experience with elements related to performance improvement and operational efficiency including but not limited to Sales Effectiveness, Process Improvement, Measurement & Analytics, User / Customer Journeys, and CRM and is ideal for people who want to develop in consulting and grow their skills.

We work mostly with banks and our main focus is Central Asia at the moment.


  • Excellent analysis, communication, and presentation skills
  • Structured approach to everything you do
  • Deep knowledge of Excel and working with data from various sources (both internal and external), macros, diagrams etc
  • Financial Modeling, ABC Costing, Segment Analytics etc- Understanding of BI systems and SQL
  • Understanding of banks’ sales / distribution/ motivation /CRM processes
  • Deep knowledge of Power Point and multimedia presentations
  • Meticulous attention to detail and quality
  • Ability to work in both English (C1) and Russian (C1)
  • Quickly adapt to new concepts and able to understand both big picture concepts and detailed elements of methodology
  • Team Player / Collaborator
  • Strategic mindset and creative / critical thinking
  • Energetic / Fun
  • Minimum 2 – 3 years of experience in consulting preferably in banking, telecom, or retail.



Consistent with experience, our estimate is 750-1500 USD for this position


Growth & Career Development:

At your own pace



Remote work with focus for Central Asia. Business trips are possible.

Senteo Amigos
In 2007, Senteo Amigos was founded as a philanthropic program for children living in orphanages in Russia and the Ukraine.
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