Advisory & Coaching

The Senteo Learning Experience is complemented by a team of certified coaches that are available to provide guidance and support when you apply the concepts you have learned to your professional context. You can also rely on us for career guidance and coaching while managing your business, your own career development or that of your team.

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Business coaching
Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert is an easy-to-use and fast coaching exchange that takes place in writing. After receiving your question, we will review it carefully, and send you a detailed answer from one of our subject matter experts including some key examples, theory elements, links to supporting research, and/or references for further study as appropriate.

Career Coaching

Coaching sessions for professionals looking to advance their career in the areas of Customer Experience, Relationship Management, Loyalty, Business Transformation, Leadership, etc. Our coaches are certified, experienced, and can help you to identify and plan your development path.

Basic Business Coaching

We provide coaching and guidance to professionals for basic business problems or difficulties applying the concepts in our courses and methodology to any specific business context. Coaching sessions are a great addition to our courses to avoid mistakes and speed up results.

Career coaching
Annual Plan Update

Over the course of two coaching sessions, your coach will work with you each year to update your career development plan including updates to your vision, career goals, and action plan.

Career Development Plan

Over the course of four coaching sessions, one of our coaches will help you to define and map your career and professional development plan including your overall vision and career goals along with a concrete action plan for the next 12 -18 months. This is a great option for professionals seeking a career change or rapid advancement in a particular area of expertise.

Expert Business Coaching

For more complex issues, we offer coaching sessions with experts both in our methodology and with decades of experience im­plementing our methodology in industry specific scenarios. Expert coaching is recommended for situations with significant importance or impact for the business.

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