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Joseph Pine and James Gilmore’s all-time classic is a must read book for anyone interested in the Experience Economy, how it works, and how it adds value.
In one of his best know works, author Simon Sinek explains that the ‘why’ of what people and companies do is as important as the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.
This book introduces the concept of “mass customization,” a model in which companies have evolved from mass production of standardized goods to produce greater variety in their products and services.
Joseph Pine applies his methodology to the digital realm. It begins with a review of how innovations emerge in various industries, using “experience” to disrupt and capture market share.
Siggelkow and Terwiesch propose 4 frameworks for transforming episodic interations between customers and businesses into continuous customer relationships, removing many of the issues of traditional business models.
Jon Radoff’s work is a unique and very well written book on gaming and how to utilize the underlying principles of games in social media and business.
In this book, Robert Rossman and Matthew Duerden provide an excellent introduction to the principles of experience design, drawing on a variety of real life examples.
This is a comprehensive book on customer experience, combining a theoretical explanation with extensive information on methodology and tools for implementing a customer experience focus across the company.
In this updated edition, the author builds on the concepts of his 2006 book in more detail and provides more examples of how companies implemented the system.
Roger Dooly unpacks the plethora of methods that marketers can use to reach the ‘locked’ minds of the consumers – the 95% of the brain that accounts for unconscious thought.
Call of the Mall focuses the concepts found in Paco’s book, Why We Buy, and applies them to the realm of shopping malls, taking in the customer’s perspective.
The author provides a behavioral psychology perspective on shopping and lessons for success in retail, including an updated section on the internet and the global consumer.
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    This book is a wonderful piece of literature showcasing and explaining the importance of accounting for human emotion during design, offering insightful guidance on the principles one must adhere to.
    This book provides a good follow-up to The Ultimate Question (Reichheld, 2006) for better understanding how to apply the NPS (Net Promoter Score) discipline in practice.
    Scott Gould uses his diverse expertise and life experience to define engagement providing a framework within the book which describes this process, with both tactical and strategic utility.
    Marshal Goldsmith explores the traits and characteristics of what helps already successful people, jump to the next rung of success, helping the reader critically assess and improve themselves.
    In their follow-up to such seminal works as The Experience Economy (see Senteo review), Gilmore and Pine focus on the challenge of how to get and keep profitable customers.
    Author John DiJulius highlights the importance of relationship building. DiJulius is considered a premier authority on world-class Customer service and is the author of three books on Customer experience.