Ak Bars Bank
2020 - 2022 Russia

Ak Bars Bank
Ak Bars Bank is the largest bank in the Republic of Tatarstan with a full array of banking, investment, and insurance services for corporate and retail customers and is among the TOP 20 Russian banks in terms of assets. The head office is located in Kazan.
The Main Figures in the Project
Areas of Change
Functional Strategies
projects launched
Complete strategic vision for the bank and the overall group of companies
The Key Results in the Project
Growth of Profilability per Client
Growth of Profilability per Client
Increase in the Number of Product per Customer
Increase in the Number of Product per Customer
Increase in Sales
Increase in Sales
Project Objectives

The main strategic objectives of the bank created the need for a significant transformation project structured with several stages and considering almost all areas of the bank from front-end to back office in all business lines. The overall project has allowed the bank to make significant advances in building a customer-centric organizational model as well as many customer-centric and relationship-centric business initiatives.

Project Progress
Phygital Transformation

The cooperation between Senteo and AkBars Bank began with the development of a new Phygital bank branch concept. The Phygital concept implies a departure from paperwork and the integration of digital service channels with a corresponding change in the operating model.

Over the course of the project it became apparent that many of the bank’s processes were not ready for a network- wide transformation and required extensive changes and improvements. As a result, a full diagnostic of the bank was completed and a 5-year development vision and road map was agreed with the shareholders and board of directors.

Business Diagnostics

Full spectrum diagnostics were carried out on the basis of 50 elements of the Senteo Maturity Model. Based on the results of the diagnostics, the bank was given several areas for improvement and a logical progression of initiatives to advance their maturity score.

Strategy Development

The development of the strategy included education and engagement of the bank’s top management in several facilitated sessions to form a strategic vision for the development of a customer-centric bank. The strategy covered eight key areas of business development which was then communicated in the bank is the overall strategic vision and the road map for implementation.  The vision and road map had general level of detail for a period of five years, more detailed implementation plans for each year to be completed each year while planning the annual budget, and a detailed backlog prepared for each quarter of the current year.

Project Implementation (Transformation)

Projects were launched to implement the new strategic vision. The main areas of change for implementation were: Offering, Distribution, RM, CRM, Brand and Communication, Culture and Organizational Evolution, IT.

Over the course of the project around 70 work groups were formed to implement the bank’s strategy.

Senteo oversaw a transformation of the bank’s project management system, which allowed the bank to conduct transformation in all target areas at once.

Senteo support consisted of:

A Few Examples of Projects

Following a complete diagnostic of the retail and corporate business lines, design of unified logic for pricing, further development of product strategy, and set up and coordination of work of all product teams, flexible tools   were created to design future product packages, and, as a result, completely new product packages for retail clients were developed along with a refresh of packages for corporate clients These tariff plans included multiple accessories from both group companies and external partners to add value for customers in one complex solution for all day-to-day banking needs.

In a record-breaking time of 5 months, the tariff plan packages were launched for retail and corporate customers with different levels of complexity and services included.


Design and development of a multi-format branch operating model for customer engagement, customer service and customer relationship management.

This project included 2 parts:

  • Branch Operating Model (people, processes, technology) – designed to improve the quality of customer contacts and relatinoships, this included the design of all customer journeys, process improvement and reengineering, channel development, migration of customers and processes, etc.
  • Visual formatting and branch design according to the Phygital concept packaged into a branch guidelines manual for all future branch implementations

For the bank to be customer-centric, a new analytical package was defined and  implemented into a series of dynamic dashboards that included a full view of customer-oriented analytics.  Without this analytical approach, the bank would be unable to measure the success or failure of many of the initiatives included in the strategy.

As a result of the new analytics coming online, many chances were made to the financial models for business lines, product economics, annual budgets for many departments, and general performance management criteria both for management and for front-line team members.

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