2006 - 2008 Singapore Asia

As a “Goliath” of the global business community, IBM needs no introduction. IBM’s integrated company structure includes business divisions that make or offer a wide range of products or services, including super computers, personal computers, servers, software solutions, and business consulting.

Project Objectives

Senteo’s main goal in the project was to create a concept that truly integrated the best “customer experience” practices into a high-powered tech environment that exudes the feeling of being in the 21st century. State of the art and nothing less.

Some of the First-Year Results

The concept developed under the name of “bank of the future” was completed with all necessary plans for construction, intended for Singapore and other mega-cities in Asia. The ultra modern design; smart technologies; sophisticated service model approach for executive-level banking carefully choreographed customer navigation through specially zoned environments uninvasive, yet highly well-thought out security system instant customer identification technology and whole myriad of other elements made this concept a truly fantastic package.

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