Michael Ruckman’s Book of the Month

Michael Ruckman’s Book of the Month
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For those who may have missed it, we have been releasing a monthly update of our favorite books from the past year! Launched in July, we have selected only the best of the best to be discussed and honored as some of the best business books to date. Michael Ruckman, our President and CEO, has handpicked each of these books and provided his own personal review of why it deserves to be honored as Senteo’s Book of the Month.

As a company that is dedicated to helping banks and other businesses improve their customer experience standards and the relationships they share with their clients, Senteo regularly reads through the newest books and topics involving customer interaction. However, to sort through them all and choose the most prime examples of effective business practices is no easy task. We hope that the books we choose each month will illustrate how a business should conduct itself in regards to establishing a strong relationship with their customers.

Each of Michael’s selections will detail the inspiration for choosing the book, why it matches what is relevant today, and a brief description of the methodology. These short descriptions are just a tantalizing taste of what is contained in the full review. To access the full review, simply click the link at the bottom of each Book of the Month description. For access to more of our reviews, simply go to our Recommended Reading section where you will find all of the books that we have reviewed over the past year. Full access to all of our features and content can be gained by joining our Community! Membership is free and only takes a few minutes to sign up!

A Message from the CEO of Senteo

Over the past two years, we have worked to build the first phase of the Senteo Online Community as a resource to help bankers and financial professionals expand their knowledge in the areas of Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, and Loyalty.

As we continue to add to the online community, you will see new events, an expansion of our educational curriculum, and a new series of webinars from a fantastic line-up of speakers. Please join us as we strive to build a resource destination for bankers and financial professionals on the internet. As well, please share with us your thoughts, feedback, and desires for future content so that we can tailor topics and content to your liking.

Welcome to the Senteo Community!


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