2007 - 2008 Russia

From retail electronics to retail banking

Svyaznoy is one of the top retail brands in Russia and a well-established retailer of mobile phones and electronics with a network of about 3000 stores throughout the country.
Some of The First-Year Results
93.7 billion rubles
Svyaznoy group revenue in 2009 which is 28% more than in 2008
Retail revenue in 2010 was 89.5 billion rubles, in annual terms the structure
Svyaznoy took in the 2008 annual rating of valuable Russian brands ranked by the well-known Swiss branding company Interband Zyntzmeyer & Lux
108 million US dollars
The Svyaznoy brand was worth
Project Objectives

Svyaznoy had the goal of enhancing its in-store experience and launching a banking operation at the same time. Using the advantage of its vast network, Svyaznoy had launched a customer loyalty program offering reward points, and discounts. Shortly thereafter Svyaznoy was on its way to offer other services which were more and more in line with traditional retail banks.

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