2009 - 2021 Ukraine

Results After 5 Years (2006-2010)
+58% Sales
+25% Staff Headcount
Staff Headcount
+75% Transactions per Branch Staff
Transactions per Branch Staff
UkrSibbank was founded in 1990 in Kharkiv. Since then, the bank has grown from a small regional bank to a national leader and has now even further evolved, becoming a member in one of the world’s largest banking groups: BNP Paribas.
Some of The First-Year Results
reduction in branch locations
increase in transactions through alternative channels
increase in IRR
period for total return on investment (ROI)
Project Objectives

The primary goal of the project with Senteo was simple: reverse the decline in the bank’s performance and become a market leader. The effort dedicated to this goal required everyone’s participation and hard work, not to mention teamwork. All necessary processes were changed and became more efficient, work was centralized, staff roles were redesigned, and employees became motivated to higher standards of efficiency, which changed reporting guidelines and bureaucracy around client acquisition.

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