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Brenner underscores the influential role of empathy in business, proposing that kindness not only fosters increased profits but also contributes to a more fulfilling professional life.
In this book, co-authors Terry R. Bacon and David G. Pugh explore how exceptional companies use the principles of behavioral strategy to exceed expectations and outperform competitors.
Sorensen provides a behavioral psychology perspective on shopping and lessons for success in retail. He has spent 40 years working with retailers and consumer goods companies to develop his methodology.
This book is a guide to the latest in neuroscience and its multi-faceted applications in marketing, authored by a leading authority on neuromarketing research with extensive practical experience.
Working Backwards is written by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr, two veteran Amazon executives. The pair share insights into Amazon’s internal methodology and culture, especially the eponymous ‘Working Backwards’ approach.
In this book, Robert Rossman and Matthew Duerden provide an excellent introduction to the principles of experience design, drawing on a variety of real life examples.
This book is written by and for marketing professionals. The authors divide the brain into three parts, and single out the ‘old brain’ as the most important part to target.
Mihaly Csikszentmihaly explores his concept of ‘flow’: a state of consciousness characterised by complete immersion during which the ego, with its vanity and insecurity, is completely absent.
Roger Dooly unpacks the plethora of methods that marketers can use to reach the ‘locked’ minds of the consumers – the 95% of the brain that accounts for unconscious thought.
This book is a wonderful piece of literature showcasing and explaining the importance of accounting for human emotion during design, offering insightful guidance on the principles one must adhere to.
MacLeod’s argues that businesses tend to prioritise selling new products and neglect the ‘end’ of the product usage cycle. MacLeod outlines why this happens, and why it is a problem.
Author Thomas Lockwood along with various experts explore how the design and product development strategies of the modern world have changed and adapted to the new environment around us.
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    Siggelkow and Terwiesch propose 4 frameworks for transforming episodic interations between customers and businesses into continuous customer relationships, removing many of the issues of traditional business models.
    This is a comprehensive book on customer experience, combining a theoretical explanation with extensive information on methodology and tools for implementing a customer experience focus across the company.
    Joseph Pine and James Gilmore’s all-time classic is a must read book for anyone interested in the Experience Economy, how it works, and how it adds value.
    Author John DiJulius highlights the importance of relationship building. DiJulius is considered a premier authority on world-class Customer service and is the author of three books on Customer experience.
    With this book, Gabe Zinchermann returns to the gamification realm, this time with Christopher Cunningham, to elaborate on design strategy and tactics for businesses to integrate into their own strategies.
    In the book The Experience-Centric Organization: How to Win Through Customer Experience, author Simon Clatworthy provides an in-depth guide of the organizational evolution of experience-centric business models.