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Author:Jean Greaves, Travis Bradberry
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Author:Jean Greaves, Travis Bradberry
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Leadership 2.0
Jean Greaves, Travis Bradberry, Publisher: Talent Smart 2012
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In the book Leadership 2.0, authors Jean Greaves and Travis Bradberry focus on and dissect the basic skills that makeup great leaders. The fundamentals of the book are premised on a study that the authors facilitated to understand leadership skills that actually lead to results as opposed to those that are inconsequential or harmful.

Leadership 2.0 is another book with a unique perspective on a very well-researched and endowed topic. The book focuses on and details a breakdown analysis of a study completed by the authors. The first thing the study accomplished was to pinpoint 22 leadership skills which they deduced as critical to performance. Next each of those skills was individually studied, and they concluded that these skills fell into two different categories. The first were skills that helped people simply get into leadership positions, and the second were skills which helped leaders rise above the rest of the crowd. They labeled these different skill sets as “core leadership skills” and “adaptive leadership skills” respectively. Their analysis of these different skills was that these are not in fact innate qualities which these leaders are born with, but they are repeatable, practical skills which any leader can adopt and hone with effort.

The book breaks down core leadership as the following skill sets: strategy, action and results. People with these basic skills are often tokenized as the “natural born leaders” and it is true, these are the inherent skills required for people to be promoted to leadership positions. What separates the best from the rest of the pack though are what the authors have identified as “adaptive leadership skills”. These skills are: emotional intelligence, organizational justice, character, and development. The authors maintain that all of these skills, even the ones which are generally thought of as “innate” can be learned and practiced by anyone.

The topic of leadership is an often discussed, narrated and debated topic with many different perspectives (see our last review of Tribal Leadership or Leaders Eat Last). This book offers a particularly analytical and scientific approach to understanding leadership skills. It helps identify valuable skillsets and can also help current or aspiring leaders build up their skillsets and aid them in identifying their own strengths and weaknesses. This is a solid basic practical guide to developing fundamental leadership skills.

The book is a little too fundamental and basic if you are already a veteran or accomplished leader. There are no groundbreaking insights offered, and the skills in focus have been discussed and written about many times before, in more ways than one. It is also somewhat dry and not particularly engaging, especially for those who have experience in the field.

In today’s fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us adapt and strike out ahead of the pack. Sharing discoveries from a groundbreaking study that separated the leadership skills that get results from those that are inconsequential or harmful, Leadership 2.0 introduces a new paradigm of leadership.

Leadership 2.0 delivers a step-by-step program for increasing 22 core and adaptive leadership skills. Core leadership skills (those that get people into leadership positions) will sharpen your saw, and adaptive leadership skills (those that set great leaders apart) will make you into the leader you’ve always wanted to be. For the first time ever in an audiobook, Drs. Bradberry and Greaves unveil TalentSmart’s revolutionary leadership program to help you identify your skill levels, build your skills into strengths, and enjoy exemplary performance in the pursuit of important objectives.

Trusted by upper-echelon leaders inside companies worldwide, the strategies in this audiobook will take your leadership skills to bold new heights. The audiobook’s smooth narrative style turns rigorous research into memorable examples and practical strategies that any leader can use to his or her advantage. Leadership 2.0 will change how you see leadership – and yourself – forever.

Leadership 2.0 will introduce you to the power of Adaptive Leadership Skills. In a concise, how-to format, this work shows how any leader can use these skills to become great. As a bonus feature, this audiobook includes online access to TalentSmart’s best-selling leadership assessment, the 360 Refined. The results of your assessment will highlight your strengths and show you the skills you can use to become a more effective leader. The 360 Refined survey is already used by businesses of all sizes, including more than 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

For aspiring or emerging leaders this is could be a useful book to add to your repertoire. It gives a solid fundamental understanding and perspective on valuable leadership skills and what to work on.

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    Leadership 2.0
    Jean Greaves, Travis Bradberry, Publisher: Talent Smart 2012
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